The Line

There’s this really brilliant strip at Virus Comix called Subnormality. You may have seen some of them before, like the ever-awesome Atheist Apocalypse or the Metaphor’s New Clothes (which were coincidentally done right next to each other!). While these are all very excellent comics — all very deep, smart and funny — today’s strip is really worth sharing, printing and wall-hanging. It’s not funny, but the message is strong nonetheless.

It’s called ‘The Line’. I suggest you go read it. Now.

I wonder what future generations will make of all of us, who sit comfortably in our developed nations while women elsewhere are beaten and burnt with acid, girls suffer genital mutilations, homosexuals are shunned and fellow humans die of hunger and easily treatable diseases. Neutrality in the face of evil is complicity.


~ by vandrerol on 2009.February.22.

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