From the New World (Op. 95)

Despair not, my loyal readers! I’m back!

One of the things that kept me in Hiatus for so long (accounting for approximately 0.04% of the total responsibility) was my apostasy from the QWERTY layout in favor of the more logical Dvorak layout. It’s named after the psychologist, not the closely related composer.

It’s very mentally straining, writing in a new layout for the first time. It’s as if I was in a new world, as though I was writing this post from a new world. HA! There, I’ve done it! My own wit sometimes gives me goosebumps.

Well done, high-five, wit!


~ by vandrerol on 2009.February.4.

2 Responses to “From the New World (Op. 95)”

  1. I’ve been thinking about switching to Dvorak (the layout, not the psychologist or composer) because I’ve heard it’s more logical. Also, I’m pushing 50 and want to give my brain all the challenge it can handle without exploding. Are you fluent with Dvorak now?

  2. Hey Méabh, nice to meet you!
    Actually, the thing I enjoyed the most about the switch to Dvorak was the initial mental strain of the first few weeks, it’s quite refreshing for the brain, almost like learning a new language.
    After a few weeks I felt funny when I had to use QWERTY, but I didn’t forget anything. It’s been almost three months and I think I’m about as good as I was before the switch (but I never was very fast, anyway). I still wake lots af mistakes with ‘a’, ‘o’ and ‘e’.
    You should definitely try it at the very least. I can’t tell if it’s really more efficient, but it’s fun and a very cool mental exercise!

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